Shelter Program

Our Shelter Program is our newest program to help shelters who take in chinchillas. Chinchillas are getting more popular as pets and more and more are beginning to show up in shelters. Many shelters have never seen a chinchilla before and don't know anything about them. Some shelters will put them to sleep rather than try to adopt them out. We must reach these shelters before they get chinchillas to educate them of the demand for these wonderful animals. We want to be able to help them with any questions they may have about health and care and also help them in finding new homes. We give free club memberships to animal shelters. This membership allows shelters to log onto our site and have access to our Information Central as well as print out 13 page care booklets for themselves and the new chinchilla owners. They can also list their chinchillas in our Classifieds and in our weekly newsletter that is emailed to hundreds of chinchilla lovers every Tues. We also provide them with certificates for a free membership to the families that adopt the chinchillas. Our Shelter printouts will be available soon. If you are a Shelter and want to join the Shelter Program please email for more information. If there is a shelter in your area and you would like to be notified when the printouts are avalible please email the address above. We need to get a care sheet into the hands of as many shelters as possible!